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Florida Concealed Weapon Certification Course

Cost:     $49.00 (Instructor) and $20.00 (Range time)

This course will provide you with the knowledge necessary to help prevent you from being arrested or sued while carrying a concealed weapon or firearm in the State of Florida.


The course will consist of the following:

A. Concealed carry protocol

B. Use of force

C. Review of case law, Florida State Statues, and Federal laws

D. Gun safety

E. Shooting instruction

F. Demonstration of the safe handling and discharge of a firearm.

The Florida State Required certificate will be issued at the range.

Mandatory course requirement: Demonstrate Firearm: We will provide the firearm and ammunition for the range requirement.

Instructors: The instructor is a Florida certified law enforcement officer and National Rifle Association (NRA) pistol instructor/range safety officer.


If you have questions or would like to attend the course please send an email to with your name and telephone number. No payment is necessary until you attend the course. We accept all forms of payment.


LEGAL NOTE: This is not an NRA-sponsored course, if you would like to attend an NRA course, please contact us. The instructor is an NRA-certified handgun instructor.

Concealed Weapon License Reciprocity Florida States (FDA)

Florida Statues - Home Protection / Deadly Force (FSS)

Florida Statues - License to Carry (FSS)

Florida Conceal Carry Eligibility Requirements

Florida Conceal Carry Fees